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About The Cousins of Hodir
The Cousins of Hodir is a new Alliance guild on Stonemaul recruiting 80s for casual raiding. Freshly dinged 80s are welcome as we recognize that gear can be easily acquired while respect, maturity, competence and responsibility cannot. Of course, if you are seasoned, have great gear and are looking for a casual raiding guild we are willing to take you on too.

The Cousins of Hodir is a family friendly guild, and we expect that what you type in chat and speak in vent will be PG rated. Our guild objectives are to have fun, explore content in a relaxed way, and complete achievements. We hope to be able to progress through all of the content, including ICC, to prepare for Cataclysm. If you get easily frustrated by wipes, are focused only on your own needs, or frequently whine and complain please do not apply. Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm Server Time (PST).

We are currently accepting all classes and specs.
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